Our Services


We provide reliable delivery of packages and documents, which are subject to the distribuiton requested by the companies and individuals to the addresses in the requested time. Transportation service is a job that requires precision therefore, our primary target is to provide fast and reliable transportation services to our customers.


                                              OUR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES

1) Package distribution within the designated district (Multi-stop Delivery)
2) Sameday Delivery (Documents, electronics, computer equipments etc.)
3) Domestic Removals And House Moving Services
4) Vehicle Parts and Equipment Transportation Service
5) Construction Materials Transportation Service




  1. - All prices of our works are standard.
  2. - For transportation services; Our prices may vary depending on the weight, volume and distance of the goods to be transported.
  3. - For Consultancy services; Our prices may increase if there is extra reporting in line with the customer's request.
  4. - We reserve the right to enact any discounts that seem appropriate.

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