Our Services



According to the needs and demands of companies, we provide logistics service on how to keep the goods with maximum efficiency, organization of the warehouse and making the products suitable for distribution in an efficient manner. In addition another of our target in the future  is to ensure that the products of the companies are kept in our own warehouse and then delivered to requested addresses in a timely and safe manner.


                                                   OUR CONSULTANCY SERVICES

1) Consultancy Service About Parcel Distribution
Organization of package distribution processes
Informing the distribution personnel about the distribution processes
2) Market Research For Package Distribution
Market Research For Package Distributon (within report)
Researching about competitors in the same market.
Reporting to the management about all organizations
3) Storage And Stocking
Warehouse Arrangement
Inspection Of Warehouse
Arrangement Of A Suitable Storage
Stock Counting And Reporting
Organization Of Products Barcodes and Labels
4) Logistics Consultancy
Market Research about business
Researching about organization of storage processes.
Working on customs procedures
Market Research & Preparing A Report About The UK Market
Reporting of All Feasibility Studies



  1. - All prices of our works are standard.
  2. - For transportation services; Our prices may vary depending on the weight, volume and distance of the goods to be transported.
  3. - For Consultancy services; Our prices may increase if there is extra reporting in line with the customer's request.
  4. - We reserve the right to enact any discounts that seem appropriate.


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